Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of the family business VDL Groep, VDL Container Systems is strongly involved in its living and working environment. After all, it is the people and the environment on which you, as a company, depend for your continued existence. For us, it is therefore self-evident to contribute to the sustainable development of society. We do this by finding a good balance in economic, ecological and social areas.

VDL sees Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as an integral part of its overall corporate policy. This means that CSR aspects are taken into account in the decision-making of organizational, process and technical matters.

In our vision on Corporate Social Responsibility we identify three areas:


VDL is a family business where people are at the centre. After all, our employees are the heart of the company. VDL considers it important to offer employees a workplace where they can work pleasantly in a safe and healthy environment and where they can develop further.

Production & Production processes

Our policy is based on the innovation of products and production methods. Continuous improvement is an integrated part of our entrepreneurship, in which creativity and daring to innovate prevail. Reducing the burden on the environment runs like a thread through our business operations.


VDL chooses to continue to produce in the Netherlands and in Flemish Belgium and to use strategic production in low-wage countries. We want to contribute to employment in these areas. As a company, VDL is at the heart of society. We demonstrate our social commitment in various ways, including through close cooperation with educational institutions.

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