Chainlift systems offer a transport rationalisation that is impossible to imagine without in today's container transport. With its flexibility and multifunctionality, the VDL chainlift system offers the right solution for every transport challenge. With the arrival of Translift within the VDL Groep, the production of chainlift systems as standard used for container transport has been added to the product range of VDL Container Systems.

The driver can easily put a container on and off from the cabin within a few minutes. The combination of a lifting chain with claw makes it possible to have the container coupled automatically. The driver does not have to leave his cabin.
The pickup point is located on the underside of the container. Because of this and because the tipping and sliding movement of the chain system is independent, the picking angle is minimal. This results in a light and compact construction with a maximum loading capacity.
Another advantage of this is that a container can be picked up on two sides. In contrast to a hook or cable installation, the pickup point at the bottom of the container makes it possible to pick up sea storage containers as well as press containers with the chainlift system at both the front and the back.

The push cam mounted on all chainlift systems simplifies the horizontal movement of containers. Containers can thus easily be slid on trailers or train wagons with ACTS turning frames.

The container is locked in the front head in all directions. A combilock latch is also fitted at the rear to block the container in an upward direction. The hydraulic drive of the chain is equipped with a lamella brake, so that when the hydraulic pressure is lost, the container is still locked.

Whether you choose a 2, 3, 4 or 5-axle chassis, we have a chainlift system for every application and every vehicle weight. Chainlift systems are applied to trucks, trailers, terminal trucks, waste collection vehicles and agricultural carriers. Skillful experience and high quality guarantee an extremely durable and reliable product.

Terminal chain system
The Terminal chainlift system is a heavier version that is equipped with a 3" chain. If desired, this vehicle can also be equipped with valve openers so that the dump valve of the containers can be opened from the cabin.

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