Besides standard manufactured products, VDL Container Systems can offer a specific solution to every customer’s own expectations and desires. VDL Container Systems garantees a well thought out quality product, with short delivery times at a competitive price.



VDL Container Systems develops, produces and sells a wide range of hydraulic container handling systems:

For the handling of ISO containers, spreaders are made. They are used in ports, container handling companies and rail terminals. Ship to Shore, Yard and Gantry cranes (RTG/RMG) and Mobile Harbour Cranes spreaders are available in various versions, suitable for containers from 20 to 45 ft.


Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are particularly developed for transporting containers or other heavy duty, heavy pay load industrial applications.

These automated vehicles are custom made, following the customer’s specific expectations and requirements.  These specific builds were made possible thanks to the knowledge and abilities within the VDL Groep. Meanwhile, VDL Automated Vehicles has become one of the world’s best renowned manufacturer of AGVs.
VDL Container Systems provides the welding for the AGV.

Welding robot

We have specialized in (robotic) welding of the metal (sub)components and the final assembly of the systems. We invest in sustainable production resources and work according to the LEAN method.
In addition, we have our own development department. This to be a good sparring partner to our dealers and to keep feeling with the new trucks and where research can be done.
Because we weld and assemble the critical parts in-house and have them produced within the VDL Groep, we are very flexible. This in-house production also guarantees us fast delivery of high quality spare parts.

Mark Francot, ceo VDL Container Systems

We regularly monitor our processes and strive to continuously improve them. The objective of VDL Container Systems is to guarantee continuity for all employees and to generate optimum money in the short term as well as the long term.

In addition, the company strives to be continuously ahead of the legal and social obligations in the field of the environment and safety, without losing sight of the economic objectives.
We are therefore also ISO9001 and ISO14001 as well as ISO3834 certified.

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